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  1. The third-person singular personal pronoun used to refer to a non-human entity, to an inanimate thing with no or unknown sex or gender.
    Put it over there.
    Take each day as it comes.
  2. The third-person singular personal pronoun used to refer to a human entity of unknown sex or gender.
    She took the baby and held it in her arms.
  3. Used to refer to oneself when identifying oneself, often on the phone, but not limited to this situation.
    Its me. John.
  4. The impersonal pronoun, used without referent as the subject of an impersonal verb or statement.
    It is nearly 10 o’clock.
    It’s very cold today.
    It’s lonely without you.
  5. The impersonal pronoun, used as a placeholder for a delayed subject, or less commonly, object.
    It is easy to see how she would think that.
    I find it odd that you would say that.
    He saw to it that everyone would vote for him.
See Wiktionary:Inflection Templates for other personal pronouns.



subject — inanimate thing
subject of impersonal statement
  • Finnish: (not used)
  • French: il
  • German: es
  • trreq Hebrew
  • Irish: sé
  • Novial: (not used)
  • Portuguese: (not used)
  • Spanish: (not used)
  • Swedish: det
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It or It. or it

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  1. dog

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  1. dog



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It or IT may refer to:
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from It (pronoun):
  • A euphemism for sexual intercourse
  • It, some all-important or indefinable quality, such as sex appeal
  • The distinguished player in tag and related chasing games
  • A fashionable, popular, or "in" thing, e.g. "Wikipedia is it!"
  • A slogan by eBay
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I, I myself, alter, alter ego, alterum, better self, ego, ethical self, he, her, herself, him, himself, inner man, inner self, me, my humble self, myself, not an illusion, number one, oneself, other self, ourselves, self, she, subconscious self, subliminal self, superego, the article, the genuine article, the goods, the very model, the very thing, them, themselves, they, you, yours truly, yourself, yourselves
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